Enumerator speaks: people are rude sleepy busy welcoming

Enumerator speaks: people are rude, sleepy, busy, welcoming

LAHORE: Census enumerators have occasionally been facing rude citizens, who instead of providing them information, ask weird questions or refuse to share data.

Bushra Bibi, who is a lady health worker, has been facing such people since the inception of census on March 15.

Just on Friday, a man refused to provide her information and started quarreling with her, she told Dawn on Saturday.

“When we knocked a door in Johar town’s G-Block, a man, who introduced himself a journalist, came out of the house and yelled at us,” she said, adding the man also refused to share data.

A request by the accompanying army man also fell on his deaf year.

“Since the situation appeared to be serious, and the man continued shouting on us, we were left with no option but to call the army team. The team arrived in 10 minutes. Seeing them, he agreed to provide information,” Raheem, an army personnel from the signal core, who accompanies Bushra, told Dawn.

To Bushra, morning hours are tough for them. As they are out onto streets by 8am, Bushra and her team find most of the people asleep.

“People don’t open the door though we knock the door again and again and ring the bells,” she said.

On certain occasions, the people struggling to hold their eyes open, would tell them to to come again after noon.

Once, she said, a family told them they were going to shopping while on so many occasions, she heard from the people that it was the time to pick children from school, so they could not given them information.

Those agreeing to fill the form, would ask them what was the good of telling them about their mother language, the number of rooms and so on.

She said during the door-to-door visits, she had pleasant surprises. A majority of the people are educated; they use Internet, and have modern modern facilities. She said a majority of the people were cooperating with the teams by giving required information.

Other than rude people, Bushra has come across several welcoming people.

“Some people hosted us with soft drinks, water and tea,” she smiled.

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