Political bigwigs weigh in on PM Nawaz’s JIT appearance

Political, bigwigs, weigh, in, on, PM Nawaz's, JIT, appearanceAs Nawaz Sharif became the first sitting prime minister to record a statement before a joint investigation team (JIT) probing his family’s alleged corruption on Thursday, here’s what Pakistan’s political bigwigs had to say:

PM set precedent by appearing before JIT: Danyal Aziz, PML-N

“I want to highlight the fact that the prime minister has set a precedent by appearing before the JIT. However, those who levy allegations against him have been avoiding courts all this time.

Whatever allegations were made against the Sharif family, there is no proof to back it up. The most they have are summaries of television talk shows, some Twitter handles and a few screenshots from Facebook.”

Shameful that country’s PM has to appear before JIT: Sheikh Rashid, AML

“It is shameful that Nawaz Sharif refused to relinquish his position as prime minister prior to appearing before the investigation team.

He would rather have the title prime minister be associated with an investigation into his finances than face the probe as a common man.

He is no more ‘Sadiq‘ and ‘Ameen‘. It is a matter of shame that the entire first family of a country is appearing before a JIT.

It is a five-over match now and the PML-N would not be able to handle it.”

JIT appearance means he was caught: Fawad Chaudhry, PTI

“This is a matter of shame, the precedent being set here is not a matter of pride.

The fact that the prime minister has to appear before the JIT means that he was caught.

This is a historical moment for the people of Pakistan and the justice that PTI has been talking about is now being delivered.”

‘Welcome precedent for others to emulate’: Maryam Nawaz, PML-N

“The day that creates history & sets a much required & welcome precedent for others to emulate,” said Maryam Nawaz in a tweet before her father appeared before the JIT this morning.

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