Temperatures in Karachi expected to rise to a sweltering 41C: Met Office

Temperatures, in, Karachi, expected, to, rise, to, a, sweltering, 41C:, Met OfficeTemperatures in Karachi are expected to soar to a sweltering 41 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said.

The city is set to experience hot and dry weather from Monday till Thursday, an official at the Met Office told Dawn.com.

He added that temperatures in Karachi are expected to remain between 38-40C on Monday, soaring to 39-41C on Tuesday.

The forecast for Wednesday remains between 38-40C.

Although the Met Office has not released a heatwave warning yet, it has advised citizens to drink lots of water and remain indoors.

In response to the forecasts, Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar on Monday chaired a meeting regarding the expected heatwave in Karachi.

“Meeting regarding heatwave in Karachi. Keeping in view the forecasts, Emergency Response Centres are being established across the city,” the mayor said in a tweet.

“The provincial disaster management authority (PDMA) of Sindh is spearheading the plans to save people from possible extreme weather events in a coordinated manner,” a senior Sindh government official told Dawn earlier this week.

Officials at the city administration feared a heatwave was extremely plausible when temperatures had already climbed close to 40C even though the traditional summer months had not yet begun.

Critics have blamed the government for not keeping its promises after the deaths of hundreds of people in Karachi due to sweltering temperatures.

The provincial and city administrations remained unable to ensure widespread tree plantation, adequate water supply to water-deficient areas and uninterrupted power supply during the long summer months.

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