Postmortem of Lyari gangster Baba Ladla completed

KARACHI (Yes News) – Postmortem of Lyari gangster Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla who was killed in Rangers operation in Karachi has been completed.

Postmortem of Lyari gangster Baba Ladla completed

Postmortem of Lyari gangster Baba Ladla completed

According to the postmortem report, a total of six bullets from different parts of his body including neck, chest, stomach and legs have been recovered.

Earlier, Rangers conducted a raid in Phoolpatti Lane on an intelligence report upon which the gang war accused present in the area opened fire at the raiding party.

Rangers’ personnel retaliated the fire, killing Baba Ladla and his two accomplices Sikandar aka Sikko and Yaseen aka Mama.

One security official was also wounded in the shootout.

Rangers officials also recovered large quantity of arms from the dead accused.

Baba Ladla had gone into hiding when Karachi operation was started. He was also commanding a gang war group in Karachi.

Baba Ladla was wanted by the police in more than 100 serious offences including murder, attempted murder, extortion and kidnapping for ransom. Government had set prize money of Rs 2.5 million over his head.

Sources told that Baba Ladla group was also involved in attack on Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) minister Javed Nagori’s office in which Javed’s brother Akbar Nagori died and 6 including a police officer were injured.

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