Young man gunned down by police in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A young man was killed when a policeman opened fire at his vehicle in I-10 sector, Islamabad. The policeman fled the scene following the incident.

Young man gunned down by police in Islamabad

Young man gunned down by police in Islamabad

According to the police, the young man and woman traveling in a car were signaled by the policeman to stop at a checkpoint. When they did not stop, the policeman opened fire on their vehicle. The man identified as Taimur died on the spot and the policeman fled the site.

A postmortem report stated that the bullet fractured his skull.

The woman with him in the vehicle is safe.

Family denies police claim

However, while talking to the media on Friday, Taimur’s uncle said the CCTV footage shows he was not signalled to stop, instead the police personnel opened fire straightaway.

He added Taimur was coming from his friend’s house when he was shot. “We got the news at 4am.”

In a similar incident in 2013, a Rangers personnel shot dead a taxi driver in Karachi after he did not stop his vehicle.

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