7 spine-chilling horror movies to watch this Halloween

Halloween is here! While some are getting ready to party all night in their spooked-out ensembles, others may want to have a ‘quiet’ night in. Compiled from  here are seven spine-chilling horror movies – available on Netflix – for you to have a watch and get your blood running cold.

1. HushPHOTO: IMDBFeaturing a deaf and dumb woman who has to protect herself from a crazed, sadistic killer, this film is sure to have your hair raising.

2. OculusPHOTO: IMDBThis movie is a unique story of two siblings who confront the mysterious supernatural entity inside an antique mirror that ruined their childhood.

3. Train to BusanPHOTO: IMDBTrain to Busan is set in the cramped environment of a train entailing  preternaturally athletic zombies.

4. Lights OutPHOTO: IMDBA classic tale of an old, haunted house. While you may be tired of watching the same story again and again, this one is sure to scare your pants off! So, give it a go.

5. Shaun of the DeadPHOTO: IMDBIf you haven’t already seen this, then you must. A fan favourite, Shaun of the Dead is a zombie comedy. There’s just something a little funny about dead people walking around, making a meal out of the living. But don’t be fooled… even though this film provides some comic relief, it still has a lot of gore and horror.

6. 30 Days of NightPHOTO: IMDBThis film is about an Alaskan town which gets no sunlight for one month a year. But this time, it is going to be even darker; for blood-swigging vampires are coming down from their cold abodes to rule over the living. And for 30 days, sunlight cannot harm them.

7. CargoPHOTO: IMDBA Martin Freeman-starrer, Cargo is a slow-burn zombie film. It begs the important question as to how would you protect a newborn child in a zombie apocalypse?

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