Coke Studio Explorer’s fourth video brings Punjab’s rich culture to life

After making stops around Pakistan, the duo behind Coke Studio Explorer set out to discover music in the city of Lahore.

Coke Studio Explorer’s fourth video brings Punjab's rich culture to lifeIn Lahore, they discovered Mishal Khuwaja whose vocals in ‘Tere Bin Soona’ are complemented by Ali Hamza’s acoustic guitar tunes in the song.

The song has a very modern feel and is very different compared to previous episodes of Explorer:

Mishal Khuwaja was discovered by Coke Studio a few months ago through Instagram, highlighting the power of social media in the modern age while also encouraging young musicians to follow their dreams.

The song is shot atop a minaret of the Lahore fort and was recorded in an outdoorsy natural environment. The video captures scenic views of the city of Lahore and aims to bring to life the rich culture of Punjab. The co-producer, Zohaib Kazi says, “We wanted to feel the true essence of Lahore, we believe that such vibes can be captured and this was our attempt.”

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