I regret rejecting ‘Aashiqui 2’, ‘Ram Leela’: Imran Abbas

A few years ago, the news of Imran Abbas being considered for a lead in Mahesh Bhatt’s romantic drama, Aashiqui 2 made rounds.However, Aditiya Roy Kapoor made his big Bollywood debut with the sequel to 1990s hit film after Abbas rejected the project.But did you know? Not just Aashiqui 2, the hit drama artist was also approached by ace Bollywood’s director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali for his Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh-starrer, Ram Leela. PHOTO: IMRAN ABBAS INSTAGRAMIn a candid chat on a web show, Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada, the Khuda Aur Mohabbat actor opened up about love, life, achievements and regrets.The 35-year-old recalled rejecting some major Bollywood projects after his debut in Indian film industry with Bipasha Basu starrer, Creature 3D. Talking about his very few regrets in life, Abbas said,”Rejecting Aashqui 2 and Ram Leela were one of the few decisions I regret at that time. Now, I don’t have any remorse.”

PHOTO: IMRAN ABBAS INSTAGRAM“I did a Bollywood film which didn’t really work at the box-office,” the star shared. “When I was offered projects that went on to become some of the highest-grossing films of their times, I later realised that it was imperative to take the decision (rejecting them) that I took in order to get my perspective right.”To him, success and failure isn’t just limited to luxuries in life. It’s concerned with contentment.The 35-year-old actor, who was once “flamboyant and carefree”, is now a composed, calm man, who isn’t attracted to the whims of showbiz.

How did the change come about?PHOTO: IMRAN ABBAS INSTAGRAMThe actor attributes this shift of personality to losing someone very dear to him. Abbas’s elder sister, who he was extremely closed to, passed away two years ago after battling cancer. He said the incident changed his outlook on life.“We were six siblings – a very closed knit family,” the star shared. “There are just some incidents which awfully stay in your mind. So, losing my sister was one of those.”

Abbas is the youngest of his siblings, therefore he was always the baby of the house.

“I was very pampered. But here’s the thing; I always spent my time with people who were much older than me. I think maybe because I enjoyed it. I’m an old soul, you can say. I was always into poetry, I loved going to gatherings and poetry readings with my father. Therefore, we had a very prominent presence of literature in our house.”PHOTO: IMRAN ABBAS INSTAGRAMWith the likes of Parveen Shakir and Ahmed Faraz being regular visitors around Abbas’ house, his fondness for versification were embedded in his roots. He was sure of that.But Abbas still isn’t sure if showbiz is where his heart is. “I will leave acting very soon. I never connected to this profession. I don’t think I ever will. I want to venture into production now,” she commented. “I’ve started disassociating myself from a lot of people. I don’t go to award shows anymore – it just doesn’t make sense to me. All this glitz and glamour seem unimportant.”While Abbas often stays mum about his personal life, he recently revealed that he is all set to tie the knot.PHOTO: IMRAN ABBAS INSTAGRAM“I will be tying the knot very soon,” the artist said. “I have experienced love and I’ve experienced pain. Because with love, comes pain – always. How else would you grow? How else would you feel? My relationship didn’t work out but what kind of love actually does?”The Dil-e-Muztar star commented that’s now that he’s realised how quickly people leave, he has no desire for worldly fame. “I would gladly leave this ‘charming’ life of showbiz behind. I hate it when paparazzi follows me, I’m just not built for this profession. I just came to earn. I didn’t ask for all this,” Abbas added.

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