SC declares Sindh public service exam 2013 void

SC declares Sindh public service exam 2013 void


SC, DECLARES, SINDH, PUBLIC, SERVICE, EXAM, 2013, VOIDISLAMABAD: The top court on Monday declared null and void all written tests and interviews held for Combine Competitive Exam (CCE)-2013 under Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) and directed the provincial government to appoint chairman SPSC.

A three-judge bench of the apex court headed by Justice Amir Hani Muslim ordered the provincial government to appoint chairman SPSC within two weeks.

Top court: Guidelines issued on picking SPSC chief, members

“A person of integrity and competence who meets the stipulated qualification for the appointment as chairman of the commission be appointed in terms of Article 242 (1B) of the constitution within two weeks from the date of the announcement of this judgment” said the judgment, authored by Justice Qazi Faez Isa.

The court also asked Sindh government to ensure that all members of the commission meet the prescribed qualifications. “Persons of integrity and competence possessing the proscribed qualification should be appointed to vacant positions of the commission within four weeks of the announcement of this judgment.”

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The 2013 examinations were cancelled due to disaccord. “In view of the larger scale ‘illegalities/discrepancies’ committed in written tests and interviews of CCE-2013, the same are set aside and cancelled,” the judgement read, while clarifying that the screening tests results were not cancelled.

SPSC test results altered to oblige influentials

“Only 2,813 candidates who had earlier taken the written tests of CCE-2013 for the 182 posts be permitted to take the fresh written tests, even if in the meanwhile they have crossed the stipulated upper age, and without requiring of any additional fee”, the order read.

The bench further observed that when the papers of the written tests are sent for checking, the identity of candidates must be kept anonymous. Marks of the written tests should be publicly displayed on the commission’s website, on the notice board in its premises, and in one Urdu, English and Sindhi newspapers.

“In future, the government should provide list of existing vacancies, which should include a list of posts that may become vacant in the foreseeable future, and a list of new posts to the commission every year and by a specified date.”

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