A historical glance displayed in Parliament house of Pakistan, captured during approval of 1973 constitution

Asghar Ali Mubarak; January, 27, 018

Islamabad; A page from the past on most historic moment along with all time great politicians and head of diferent political parties of Pakistan at the meeting for the approval of 1973 constitution of Pakistan approved by the cabinet under its founder Chairman Pakistan People’s Party & Prime minister of Pakistan Mr.Zulfiqar Ali Buhtto,Chief of Jammiat ullma e Pakistan Molana Ahmed Shah Norani,Federal Law minister Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, Chief of Jammiat Ulma Islam Molana Mufti Mehmmod , Ameer Jammiat e Islami Professor Abdul Ghaffor, Head of Bulochistan Political party Mir Ghous Bakhash Bazinjo , Khan Abdul Qaiyum Khan ,Sardar Sherbaz Mazari along with Asghar Ali Mubarak founder President Diplomatic Correspondents Forum Pakistan at Parliament House Islamabad.

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