Blasphemers are enemies of humanity, will not be tolerated: Nisar

By News Desk

Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar has said that the authorities will do everything possible to take action against blasphemers.

“We will take action against those involved in blasphemy and take this matter to a logical conclusion,” Nisar said on Thursday while addressing a press conference in Islamabad.

“Those committing blasphemy are the enemies of humanity,” Nisar said and added that several posts on social media had been blocked.

Nisar, however, urged calm over the issue saying that complete removal of the contend depended upon cooperation by Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms.

The content uploaded within the country can be removed as it is within reach of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and other intelligence agencies. “But removal of such content entirely isn’t possible unless we have the cooperation of the social media platforms.”

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