Chaudhry Nisar tells new FC recruits they have to bring peace to Balochistan

Chaudhry, Nisar, tells, new, FC, recruits, they, have, to, bring, peace, to, Balochistan


Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan addressed a Frontier Corps (FC) passing-out parade at Loralai on Saturday, instructing the new recruits that they would be responsible for bringing peace to Balochistan.

Speaking at the ceremony, the interior minister said: “You have to bring peace to Balochistan. This is your national duty and your debt to this land.”

“There are some who do not want peace in Pakistan and Balochistan,” Nisar added. “These people do not want our children to live happy and prosperous lives. Nor do they want our children to receive an education.”

Advising the new recruits, Nisar said, “When you go back to your regular daily activities then you should ask yourselves who these culprits are who want to use our youth for bloodshed and what their agenda is. There are some elements who have been receiving funding from our enemies and have been living comfortable lives themselves while they use Balochis as their sacrificial pawns.”

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