Death of 6 Pakistanis in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi confirmed

Report by (Asghar Ali Mubarak) A fire broke out in the home of a Pakistani family residing in Al Ain on 12th April 2019 in which 6 Pakistanis, including four members of a family. Also, one Pakistani, namely, Mr. Mohammad Raheem, age 50, has sustained minor injuries.
Details of the deceased are as follows:
Sr. No.
Father’s Name
Resident of
Muhammad Farouq

Muhammad Khan



Omer Farouq

Muhammad Farouq



Khurram Farouq

Muhammad Farouq



Khayal Afzal

Muhammad Afzal

Orakzai Agency
Eid Nawaz Khan
Ghareeb Nawaz
FR Peshawar
6. Ali Haider
Lal Bahadur
According to initial reports, the fire started in a small room, where several flammable items were stored, including a generator, gas pipes, air conditioners and wood.
The Embassy of Pakistan in Abu Dhabi has been in constant contact with the survivors and relatives of the deceased, both in UAE and Pakistan. The Embassy officials also visited the accident site to extend necessary facilitation including for issuance of Death Certificates and Emergency Travel Documents. The Mission is also in touch with PIA officials for early repatriation of the human remains to Pakistan.

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