Donald Trump forgets to put hand on heart during national anthem

Donald Trump, forgets, to, put, hand, on, heart, during, national, anthem

By News Desk

US President Donald Trump hosted his first ever White House Easter Egg Roll, a tradition that has been in place for almost 140 years.

However, it was a moment caught on camera between Trump and the First Lady that garnered attention and people can’t seem to get over it.

Sans Trump, Hasan Minhaj to poke fun at White House

The President and the First Lady stood at attention to sing the national anthem. As Melania and son Barron lifted their hands to their hearts in a display of respect, the US president for a moment forgot to do so. It was only after a subtle nudge from his wife that he placed his palm on his chest.


‘Maybe he just forgot he has a heart…’


Oh, the irony!

Double standards?

Easter Bunny for president?

But in the end we can all agree

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