NSA hacked Pakistani mobile networks: WikiLeaks

NSA, hacked, Pakistani, mobile, networks:, WikiLeaksBy Tech Desk

Whistleblowing organisation WikiLeaks has claimed US National Security Agency operators have been spying on Pakistani mobile networks.

The revelation came as a hacker group, which had previously released data suggesting the US agency may have been monitoring hundreds of IP addresses in Pakistan, released a new cache of information detailing how the agency accessed private and public networks in other countries.

Shadow Brokers released a tranche of encrypted finds, which are now being decrypted by security researchers around the world.

One such researcher who uses the Twitter handle, ‘x0rz’, uploaded files after decryption on Github, and confirmed the archive includes evidence of NSA operators’ access inside the GSM network of Mobilink — one of the Pakistan’s most popular mobile services provider.

The hacking group had initially put up its data cache for auction in exchange for Bitcoin, however, a lack of buyers compelled it to release the data online.

Other targets that have so far been highlighted by security researchers include Oracle-owned Unix-based operating system and Equation Group’s ElectricSlide tool that impersonates a Chinese browser with fake Accept-Language.

The release of the latest document confirms earlier claims that US spy agencies may have gained access into Pakistani networks.

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