Pak Russian Relations Need of Hour

By Kishwar Sajjad, 15, September, 2018

When the second World War ended the cold war started between USSR and USA, world was divided into two blocks just like Berlin situation pushed the countries to select a world power as their boss for survival. America according to its nature after mass destruction and killing millions of innocent Japanese citizens in reasonless nuclear attacks was beating drum of its peace promotion whether Japanese emperor was ready to seas fire, while USSR was trying to bring the world under communism umbrella that was created by Carl Marks against capitalism.In fact the clash was not related to religion, behind the scene it was the desire of political influence to get hold economic interests. More than a half century in Central Asia and Eastern Europe under the Soviet grip both Islam and Christianity survived even the affiliation with religion never ended in Russia. Western and American state propaganda machemy made this conflict the was between religions and the non-believers, so this was the point that pushed Pakistan into American trap and state elite never seriously tried to quit from Badh Bir Airbase of Peshawar was handed over to USA to spray eyeing on USSR. At the end of the day after tasting American fraud in 1965 Pakistan India was dictator and himself made Field Marshal Ayub Khan spoke out in his book“Friends not Masters”
Current level of Pak- Russia relations and desire to enhance close cooperation on the both side no doubt could be contagious for peace and stability in the world including South Asia and Middle East leaving behind past Russia in the strong leadership of President VM Putin is playing its role more appreciate able in international affairs to ensure the world community that humanity could defeat the American war craziness.Sochi Olympics and football world cup really makes more acceptable as a healthy mind peace keeping nature Russia to poor and developing countries in Asia.It was ever beyond to understand for wisdom less directors that how Russia is important for Pakistan.In 1971 war with India it was America who broke the trust,Pakistan waited for 7th USA Sea Croft until the fall of Dhaka took place,no one can blame Russia because our Military Dictators were playing enemy enemy against Russia to save their American bread and butter.
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto an elected democratic Prmie Minister built historic relations with Russia and got Pakistan steel mills and Guddu Thermal power station, it was America who assassinated Bhutto through its puppet General Zia in the punishment of getting Pakistan nuclear power against Indian nuclear threat,America was angry on him to keeping III World Slogan also whether there was no objection from Russia in this regard.At the same time of Soviet invention in Afghanistan if Bhutto alive and in power would never rent Pakistan to America for its Vietnam revenge to USSR but it was General Zia who served for America shamefully and in the result Pakistan is paying the heavy price up till.
Suspicious act of 9/11 took place and America is here Afghanistan since 18 years, Dictator General Pervaiz Musharaf presented Pakistan as front line state in this so called American war on terror that is now unwillingly our war,Pakistan faced more than 134 Billion US dollars economic loss and sacrificed more than sixty thousand precious lives in civil and uniform, instead of respect America continuously demanding“Do more”
Newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan is firm to equal level based relation with all countries including America that is necessary to protect sovereignty and national dignity.It seems to be positive change in the foreign policy of Pakistan.We lost a lot to serve America but gained nothing.This is the need of hour for new government to understand the importance of Russia, it is very good sign that Islamabad and Moscow started to see each other as friends.No doubt Russia could be our national alien not America,regional countries Azerbaijan, Kazaqistan and Iran signed agreement with Russia and they announced to prevent foreign powers to internes of cooperation in the region,Turkey is getting more close to Russia,Asian like us, neighbor and believe in mutual respect, Pakistan is facing critical situation due to climate change, security and water disputes with India so there is as hope and it is not difficult to get Russian cooperation to resolve the issue peacefully and effectively.Thanks to ALLAH our existing Military Leadership has acknowledged the price of romance with America. If we give Russia a prominent value in our priorities with mutual respect and cooperation then it is not impossible to get safe from American blackmailing.

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