Pakistan fought war against terrorism from its own resources. Aizaz A. Chaudhry

PAKISTAN .FOUGHT. WAR .AGAINST. TERRORISM. FROM. ITS .OWN. RESOURCES. AIZAZ. AHMAD. CHAUDHRYWashington (PR) The Pakistani Ambassador to America Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that Pakistan fought the war against terrorism from its own resources,
“We are engaged with the US Administration on this issue and await further details. It, however, needs to be appreciated that Pakistan has fought the war against terrorism largely from its own resources which has cost over $120 billion in 15 years.

We believe that Pakistan-US cooperation in fighting terrorism has directly served US national security interests. It has helped fight Al-Qaeda and other groups who took advantage of ungoverned spaces along a long porous border and posed a common threat to both countries.

Through series of major operations Pakistan cleared all these areas resulting in significant improvement in security in Pakistan. A similar action needs to be taken on the Afghan side which has vast stretches of ungovernd spaces.

Working towards enduring peace requires patience and persistence . Emergence of new and more deadly groups such as Daesh in Afghanistan call for enhancing international cooperation.

Diplomacy of deadlines and redlines is counterproductive in meeting such common threats.”

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