Pakistani player Muhammad Faheem won gold medal in “Nomad MMA International Champion ship Astana Kazakhstan

By,Asghar Ali Mubarak

Pakistani player Muhammad Faheem won gold medal in “Nomad MMA International Champion held at Astana Kazakhstan. Pakistani Mix Martial Arts (MMA) player, Mr. Muhammad Faheem age 16 years, won a gold medal in “Nomad MMA International” championship held in Astana Kazakhstan on 18-22 October 2018. Ten countries participated in the championship namely Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russian and Uzbekistan. Mr. Faheem won matches in 45 Kg category against Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and in the final round, he won against host’s player (Kazakh), claiming a gold medal for Pakistan. The President of Kong Fu MMA Federation of Pakistan, Mr. Zahir Hussain along with delegation also called on the Ambassador during his stay in Astana in the Embassy of Pakistan .

Pakistani, player, Muhammad Faheem ,won ,gold ,medal, in, "Nomad, MMA, International ,Championship, Astana ,Kazakhstan

The Ambassador appreciated the President for his efforts and congratulated him for achieving the top position in the competition which is famous sports in Central Asian region. Mean while the President of Nomad MMA highly appreciated the contributions of judges and trainers to the development of Nomad MMA and noted the growing interest in this sport in world over. Talking to media he said that today, Nomad MMA is the most popular sport in Kazakhstan. And we must make great efforts for the further development of the sport, G. Gadzhiyev said. According to him, the sharing of experience, knowledge, skills of fighting, spiritual values are the key conditions for the successful development of the Federation, both as an organization, and each athlete individually. The President of the Federation stated that already we declared 2017 Year as the Development of children’s sport. The founder of modern national martial arts style of Nomad MMA Sergey said that”The public association leading the work with children and young people over the years should never be compared with organizations MMA dealing with the professional fighters and promotional activities.

Pakistani, player, Muhammad Faheem ,won ,gold ,medal, in, "Nomad, MMA, International ,Championship, Astana ,Kazakhstan

The human factor in hobby sports is primary,” Sergey said.In this regard, the Federation pays much attention to the moral, mental, physical, technical and tactical development. Developed rules of training and competitive fights using the protective equipment reduced the factor of injury. Nomad MMA is a methodology for the comprehensive development of the athlete, uniting the ancient traditions of Kazakhstan fighters and images of the modern world, methodology of comprehensive development and spiritual and cultural values that educate fighters strong in spirit and body, real patriots of their country.The students of Federation Nomad MMA successfully serve in various Kazakhstan armed forces, military units. The developed technique allows school children to begin classes in Nomad MMA since age of 5.The first step is an athletic and aims at health promotion; physiological testing of the quality, develops the skills needed for sports. Second stage is training, where children of different age groups get the skills and abilities that allow them to pass the certification exam and go on to the competitive level.
The coaches get the international practices in different countries, discover deep knowledge of martial arts, and participate in master classes, learning from the experience.

Pakistani, player, Muhammad Faheem ,won ,gold ,medal, in, "Nomad, MMA, International ,Championship, Astana ,Kazakhstan
“For 12 years of the development, Nomad MMA became a mass sport not only in Kazakhstan, but also far beyond its borders. Currently, the Federation brings together over 14,000 adolescents and young people; there are the representatives of 14 countries. Every year, such major international competitions as the Asian Fighter, World Cap and World Championship are carried out,” he concluded. The mixed martial arts (MMA) were recognized as an official sport in Kazakhstan on July 26, 2013. In less than 3 years the MMA Federation of Kazakhstan held 4 republic championships, 2 cups of Kazakhstan, first Asian championship in MMA and 7 professional international tournaments of the BATTLE OF NOMADS WMMAA PRO ASIA DIVISION.Kazakhstan’s national MMA team won silver three times (in 2013 in St. Petersburg, in 2014 in Minsk and in 2015 in Prague). It also won silver in the World Cup 2013 in Baku and twice won first place in team ranking in the Asian Championships in 2014 in Astana and in 2015 in Khujand (Tajikistan). The capital Kazakhstan hosted MMA Week this year in May as part of the city’s 20th anniversary celebration; MMA Federation of Kazakhstan holds the MMA Amateur Championship of Kazakhstan and Battle of Nomads 10 international professional tournament. The federation also allowed the female fighters last year and the event introduce.“This year Kazakhstan hosted the championship for the first time among boys aged 16-17. Kazakhstan’s national MMA team has been Asia’s undisputed leader for five years and is among the best three teams in the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) world ranking. At present, the popularity of MMA among the younger generation is growing. More than 200 athletes from all regions will take part in the championship. The fights holds in 14 weight categories, “For the first time, Kazakhstan’s capital Astana welcomed fighters from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Asia and America,”.The Battle of Nomads was organized by the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, Astana city Akimat (administration) and MMA Federation of Kazakhstan as part of MMA Week.

Pakistani, player, Muhammad Faheem ,won ,gold ,medal, in, "Nomad, MMA, International ,Championship, Astana ,KazakhstanPakistani, player, Muhammad Faheem ,won ,gold ,medal, in, "Nomad, MMA, International ,Championship, Astana ,Kazakhstan

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