Pink star Taapsee Pannu says she’s ‘disturbed’ by Muslims being targeted in India

On the trailer launch of upcoming Bollywood film Mulk, actor Taapsee Pannu highlighted the unfair prejudice faced by Muslims in India.

Pink star Taapsee Pannu says she's 'disturbed' by Muslims being targeted in IndiaThe film stars Rishi Kapoor as the head of a Muslim family in India whose member was involved in a terror plot while Taapsee plays his lawyer.

Taapsee shared her own experience to explain why the film is close to her heart.

Taapsee explained that “her life was run by Muslims”: “My manager is a Muslim, my driver, my house help are Muslims… If I were to feel disturbed in their presence then I would be disturbed whole day and night because my life is run by them. It’s very disturbing to realise that a particular religion is being targeted. These people are inseparable to me.”

“So this was a big reason for me to do the film,” she said. “I thought if someone has to stand up then I would like to take that responsibility. This fear and this disturbance in my mind, I vented it all out through this film.”

The Mulk director Anubhav Sinha also shared that while it was a risk to make a film that was sympathetic towards Muslims, he feels his effort paid off: “When we started the film it looked against the tide but the kind of comments we are receiving I am happy that I made it. It’s not about Hindu-Muslims, we have had these clashes before. It’s such a diverse country, everybody has fought everybody. Hindus have fought Muslims, Sikhs have fought Hindus, Shias have fought Sunnis, Brahmins have fought Thakurs. So it goes on in our country.”

Mulk, also starring Rajat Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana and Ashrut Abhinandan Jain in pivotal roles, releases on August 3.

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