PS5 could be revealed as early as next year

With booming sales, the PS4 has sold nearly 100 million units. The iconic gaming console has been available for almost seven years and gamers believe the time is near when Sony decides to come up with a major revamp.Heavy screen time appears to impact childrens’ brainsSpeaking to GamingBolt recently, IDC analyst Lewis Ward said that both Microsoft and Sony’s systems will be fully revealed at the E3 2020 but the launch will be later in 2021.He further says that there are chances that both PS4 and Xbox One will get a “modest hardware refreshes” in 2019 attached with “a slate of AAA exclusives” for the two systems.When asked whether he thinks 2019 would be the right time for the next generation revelation, Ward stated: “Not if 2019 gets a modest hardware refresh, as I expect from Microsoft and Sony, and sees a middle-of-the-road slate of AAA exclusives.”Video gaming fiends with an itch hit TwitchHe further commented on the success of Nintendo saying that the Switch and it’s console-handheld hybrid design is perhaps something that both Sony and Microsoft might attempt to accomplish with their hardware but will stick to their traditional design more.

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