We along with Pakistan use this opportunity to ignite cooperation for the world’s peace and prosperity, President Joko Widodo


Asghar Ali Mubarak, 26 January 2018

Islamabad; It is an honor for me to speak before this honorable assembly the Joint Session of the Parliament today. In 1963 The First President of Indonesia, Soekarno, spoke before this honorable Parliament.At that time, President Soekarno ignited the spirit to fight against colonialism as well as the spirit of cooperation between newly independent countries. Fifty five years later the President of the Republic of Indonesia is honored once again to speak before the Parliament of Pakistan.

I would like to use this opportunity to ignite cooperation for the world’s peace and prosperity. The friendship between Indonesia and Pakistan is not a newly forged friendship.

Indonesia will always remember the support of the people of Pakistan towards Indonesia’s struggles for independence.  As a token of appreciation, in 17 August 1995… coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the Indonesian Independence,the Republic of Indonesia conferred First Class Adipurna Star to Pakistan’s Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah… for his contributions in supporting Indonesia’s independence.

Apart from friendship, our two countries have much in common. Indonesia and Pakistan are two countries with the biggest Muslim population. we are member countries of D-8, OIC member states and Non-Aligned Movement as well, we are the initiators of Asia-Africa Conference and most importantly, we are both democratic countries.

We are the two countries that consistently support the  independence  of Palestine.  In this Forum I would like to call once again for us to continue supporting our Brothers and Sisters in Palestine. Let us continue supporting Palestine in their struggles!!!

Indonesia is the largest Muslim populated country in the world. Around 87% from 260 million people in Indonesia equals to226,2 million populationsare Muslim.  As in Pakistan,…apart from being home to Muslims, Indonesia is also home to Hindu, Catholic, Protestants, Buddhist as well as the others….Indonesia is a pluralistic country.

I am grateful despite being very plural with a large number of population and more than 17.000 islands and with 1.340 ethnics as well Indonesia is able to preserve its unity.

Unity in diversity that is our slogan in our life as a nation. We are equally grateful…to be able to live our lives as a nation in a democratic manner.

As President I strongly believe that democracy is the best way serving our peoples’ interests. Democracy provides the space for the people in decision-making process. With democracy political stability in Indonesia can be maintained. With democracy, economic growth is strong enough reaching above 5% per year. With democracy Indonesia’s economy becomes one the 20 largest in the world.

What I would like to ensure is that economic growth can be enjoyed by all Indonesian people that fair development remains a priority. The economy of a country a region can grow if there is political stability and security. Economic activities will never take place if there is conflict or even war taking place. Conflicts and wars will benefit no one I repeat conflicts and wars will benefit no one.

The people mainly women and children always become the most impacted ones in conflicts and wars. Conflicts and wars destroy the grand values of humanity…the virtues bestowed by Allah SWT.  Hence it is Indonesia’s commitment to maintain world’s peace asnett contributor to peace.

Together with ASEAN, over the past fifty years … Indonesia has been working hard to create the ecosystem of stability and prosperity in the South East Asia region. Through ASEAN unity and centrality Indonesia continues to contribute in the creation of stable and prosperous Asia Pacific region. In a wider region, Indonesia would like to have an ecosystem of peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region. Making the Indo-Pacific a region of growth for the world.

At the global level, just like Pakistan Indonesia is one of the biggest contributors for the World Peacekeeping Troops. Indonesia is determined to be “True Partner for World Peace”

In the past two years, Indonesia has collaborated… andprovided contributions to: resolve differences among countries; provide humanitarian assistance including in conflict areas;  help the preservation of security in the region; overcome various trans border crimes,…including the illicit trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances, human trafficking and terrorism. Radicalism and terrorism rampant. Not a single country is immune from terrorism. Terrorism attacks took place in almost all countries…including Indonesia and Pakistan. Muslims are the largest in number as victims from conflicts, wars and terrorism.

Have a look at this most worrying data  76% of terrorism attacks took place in Muslim countries; 60% of armed conflict happened in Muslim countries. Furthermore, millions of our brothers and sisters, must leave their countries in pursue of a better living 67% refugees come from Muslim countries.

Millions of young generations lost their hope for the future. This alarming condition is partially caused by internal weakness even though there are also a lot of external factors. Are we going to let these apprehending conditions keep on happening over and over again?

If you ask me, I will say NO. We must not allow conflict to continue existing in our countries… We must not allow conflict to continue existing in the world.

Our respect for humanity for humanity should be our guide in our lives as nations once again, respect for humanity. History taught us weapons and military power will never be able to resolve conflicts. Weapons and military powers alone…will never be able to create and maintain World’s peace. Competition, arms race will take stage continuously creating tensions. Indonesia is a country that underwent conflicts. Conflicts in Aceh, for example… took place for more than 30 years. Military approach alone did not resolve the conflict in Aceh. The conflict is resolved through negotiation… through dialogue.

For this reason, habit of dialogue must be put forward. It is also the habit of dialogue that makes ASEAN…The Association of ten Countries in South East Asia…able to be the engine of stability and prosperity in South East Asia.

I hope that each and every one of us  each and every one of us…will be the contributor of world peace each and every one of us be the efforts-contributor in prospering the World in the name of humanity in the name of justice.

We must be a “part of solution” and not be “part of the problem”. Let us work together…for the creation of peaceful and prosperous world… in the name of all mankind living in this world.

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