Turkish family affairs minister detained by Dutch authorities

Turkish family affairs minister detained by Dutch authorities

By Reuters

ROTTERDAM: Dutch authorities detained Turkey’s family affairs minister to prevent her from addressing a rally in support of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in Rotterdam, further escalating diplomatic tensions between the countries, two Dutch broadcasters reported.

Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya had traveled from Germany to the Dutch city by car after the Turkish foreign minister was refused entry to the Netherlands earlier Saturday.

Broadcaster RTL said Kaya was declared an “undesirable alien” and would be escorted to Germany.

Turkish president Erdogan calls Netherlands ‘Nazi remnants, fascists’

Earlier on Saturday, the Netherlands barred Turkish ministers from speaking in Rotterdam in a row over Ankara’s political campaigning among Turkish emigres, leading President Tayyip Erdogan to brand its fellow NATO member a “Nazi remnant”.

The dispute escalated into a major diplomatic incident in the evening, as Turkey’s family minister was prevented by police from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam. Hundreds of protesters waving Turkish flags gathered outside, demanding to see the minister.

Dutch police used dogs and water cannon early on Sunday to disperse the crowd, which threw bottles and stones. Several demonstrators were beaten by police with batons, a Reuters witness said. They carried out charges on horseback, while officers advanced on foot with shields and armored vans.

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