Unique story of resignation of Dr. Mukhtiar Zaman Afridi, medical director, MTI, Lady Reading hospital, Peshawar

Monitoring Desk, March, 28, 2018

In the history, resignation of Medical Director, MTI, LADY READING HOSPITAL, PESHAWAR is very much unique, strange and illgal in the respect that Medical Director, MTI, LRH, Peshawar, Dr. Mukhtiyar Zaman Afridi has resigned from Government service from the position of Professor of Pulmonology (BS 21), Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar upon his selection as Medical Director, MTI, LRH. It is very amazing that Health Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has accepted his resignation vide notification No: SOH-1/HD/1-324/97; dated: Peshawar, the 13th October, 2016 from his Government job. Dr. Mukhtiyar Zaman Afridi was later on astonishingly started working as Medical Director and Professor of Pulmonology (BS 21) in MTI LRH. Sources reveal that there was a deal among Dr. Mukhtiyar Zaman Afridi, Chairman BoG, MTI LRH, Dr. Nowsherwan Burki and provincial Government to protect government service as well illegally, unlawfully and totally violating the Government Rules as now after almost one and half year later, Health Department and provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has now withdrawan already approved and notified resignation ( 1 & 1/2year back) from Government service and now his services are again reinstated as Professor of Pulmonology (BS 21) KMC/KTH, Peshawar by violating the law, rules and policy of Government service vide notification No: SOH-1/1-324/2017; dated; Pesh the 21st February 2018.

It is a very unique resignation that has no example and such presedence throughout country that a blue-eyed guy is favoured in this way as after selection as Medical Director and Professor of Pulmonology against the Medical Teaching
Insitution Act 2015 that says that a government employee has to resign from his previous government service if he accepts a contractual job under MTI act and rules but in this case Dr. Mukhtiyar Zaman’s salary and monthly emoluments under MTI LRH was PKR. 450,000/- but is was divided such that his substantive (Basic) salary was fixed @ 155,000/- and rest of 245,000/- was labelled as “Incentive”. The whole drama was to continue his pension contribution as Government Servant but this was objected by Local Audit Section of MTI, LRH that it is against government policy, laws and rules. Now duing External Audit of LRH has disclosed that according to clause 12 (1) of khyber Pakhtunkhwa MTI Reforms act 2015, each Board shall appoint a full time, non-practising Medical Directorbfor the hospital for a period of 03 years, during the audit of the accounts record of Lady reading Hospital MTI for the FY 2015-17, it was noticed that an amount of Rs. 6, 154, 839/- was paid to Medical Director on account of pay and allowances. The Audit report also says, ” The appintment order of Medical Director revealed that Dr. Mukhtiar Zaman has been appointed as Professor of Pulmonology and Medical Director at the same time, which is against the rule quoted above”.
Therefore, the appointment so made is not based on merit and against the rule quoted above and paymnet so made is un-authorized. it was pointed out in November 2017, no reply was given.

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