A serious condemnation of the federal minister Shireen Mazari’s remarks about Pashtuns.Chief IKram Uddin

European:(International Desk) the chief of European international media and founder of “Jazba itihad Union of journalist” Ikramuddin, condemned the remarks of the Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari about Pashtuns,saying that the federal minister has said the other day that Terrorists and Pashtuns are similar. It is strange, Pashtun’s land have been on fire since forty years, residents affected are also Pashtuns,Destroyed by terrorists are also Pashtuns and are collecting their loved ones dead bodies and then a federal minister makes such a remarks are disgraceful. The fact that it is not hidden from anyone that as a pashtun the whole nation is affected by terrorism but still we are being described as terrorists.
The history witness that Pashtuns are peaceful and traditional, Pashtuns have no relation with terrorism, they have no relation with the terrorists coming to their land but everyone know who invited them to come. He said in a press meeting that the whole house should condemn the statement of the federal minister, adding that we demand federal minister Shireen Mazari to request forgiveness from the Pashtun nation,and avoid giving such statements again against the Pashtun nation.

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