Government failed to implement NAP: Chairman PPP

WASHINGTON: Chairman Pakistan Peoples` Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday said that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurates a project three times for photo op.

Government failed to implement NAP: Chairman PPP

Government failed to implement NAP: Chairman PPP

Addressing a press conference along with senior PPP leader Sherry Rehman in Washington, the party chairman said that the federal and Punjab government failed to actualize concrete action against extremists under National Action Plan, as they have ceased to put effort in it. He alleged that sanctuaries are being provided to radical proscribed groups in Punjab as the ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League-N, distinct between good and bad Taliban.

Bilawal said that he would soon pursue an active role in parliament and PPP will give a surprise in the next general election, further adding that his party while in the centre and now in one of the provincial government has played a substantive role in giving empowerment to people on the grass-root level after local bodies government, but the newly-elected bodies are not willing to take responsibilities on the excuse of lack of powers. “We delivered to the people with the same powers,” he said.

The PPP leader said that his priority would be to bring forward his party`s progressive stance into prominence, which is not an easy task for any political entity in given political situation of Pakistan.

“The Interior Minister says that extremists are not a problem,” Bilawal said. “Why not he just accept that he is a coward hence not willing to take action. Why such excuses.”

On President Trump`s controversial executive orders, the PPP leader said that such measures would be counterproductive, he said that inter-religious harmony is the need of the hour and Muslim youth globally is in crisis.

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