My movement will continue till remains of Zia’s policy are eliminated: Bilawal

LAHORE/FAISALABAD: Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari left Bilawal House, Lahore, to lead a rally in Faisalabad which aims to put pressure on the government to accept his ‘four demands’.

My movement will continue till remains of Zia's policy are eliminated: Bilawal

My movement will continue till remains of Zia’s policy are eliminated: Bilawal

Supporters of the PPP led by Bilawal will reach Faisalabad in the shape of a caravan. PPP supporters are geared up for the rally. Some are dancing on the tap of Dhol, while the women have donned Henna and bangles, as part of the celebrations.

Addressing workers at the Sagina Bridge, Lahore he said, “I have begun a movement which will continue till the remains of Zia’s policy are eliminated.”

“The Sharifs have held Punjab hostage,” he said. “They have occupied the land of the Sufis.”

In a tweet yesterday Bilawal said, “Muk Gaya Tera Show Nawaz”  (Your show is over) setting the mood for the rally.

Prior to his departure a PPP parliamentarian from Punjab Nadeem Afzal Channa tied an Imam Zamin on his arm.

Speaking to the media Channa said, “We are out to fight corrupt rulers.”

The party co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari will not be present for the rally. However, he spoke to Bilawal over the phone hours before the rally.

During the conversation, both Zardari and Bilawal agreed over giving the government a tough time over their four demands. Zardari said the government was playing with public interest, but they will not step back from their demands.

During his address in Karsaz on October 17, 2016, the PPP chairperson made four demands from the government.

1.     The parliamentary committee on national security be formed

2.     PPP’s Panama bill be passed

3.     The party’s co-chairperson Asif Zardari’s resolution on CPEC be implemented

4.     A foreign minister be appointed immediately

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