No proof Nawaz transferred money for Flagship: Zia

ISLAMABADPanamagate Joint Investigation Team (JIT) head Wajid Zia on Thursday informed an accountability court that no accounts were found abroad or within the country which prove deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif transferred money for the Flagship Investment Limited (FIL).Sharif did not appear before Judge Arshad Malik’s court owing to the security situation throughout the country and his statement pertaining to Al-Azizia Steel Mill case could not be recorded according to section 342 in light of the questionnaire provided to him.However, Sharif’s counsel Khawaja Harris continued cross-examination of the JIT head.During the hearing, Zia also apprised the court that no documents were found which will prove Sharif provided money for FIC.“None of the witnesses said Sharif provided any sort of monetary assistance for Flagship Investment,” he added. “Hasan Nawaz did not even say that his father gave money for it.”The JIT head further said no witness agreed to the allegation regarding Hasan being dependent on Sharif. “No document was found which could be used as an evidence or proof that the former prime minister bore Hasan’s educational, business and daily expenses.”Further on, Zia shed light on how Hasan’s recorded statement before the JIT regarding where he obtained money for Flagship Investment contradicted with the testimony recorded before the Supreme Court. “Even the SC wasn’t told that Sharif provided money for Flagship Investment. No document is available that depicts Sharif as a competent signatory in Flagship Investment. Even Hasan could not give an explanation to the JIT for this.”Zia also contended before the court that the JIT investigation relayed Hasan’s statement as baseless. “His statement is succinctly proved wrong by the Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) received from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”The JIT received worksheets and financial documents from Hasan which were deliberated upon before concluding them as unsubstantial, he added.Sharif’s lawyer went on to ask, “Did the MLA provided by the UAE state that my client owns Gulf Steel?” To which Zia responded, “The MLA cannot be counterfeited.”Before the hearing concluded, Judge Malik remarked, “Why don’t we schedule a hearing for Saturday as well!” In response, Harris objected and said “this won’t be possible for me” as he expressed his reservations.

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