900 sacked PIA employees reinstated after stay order

LAHORE – At least 900 sacked employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have been reinstated after the issuance of stay order.The employees were terminated from their posts following several accusations including fake degree, fraud and absence.Details suggest that at least 388 employees were sacked for possessing a fake degree while 94 over forgery and fraud.Overall 900 PIA employees have taken stay order from various courts and National Industrial Relation Commission. They belong to engineering, finance, flight service and other departments.Sources say that PIA’s sacked chief operations officer, Zia Qadir Qureshi, also tried to get a stay order. His contract was terminated last month because he could not perform his duties according to work standards of the PIA.It is pertinent to mention here that the employees who succeed in attaining the stay order do not perform their duties at the office but receive the salary and other privileges.PIA is forced to bear the burden of such employees due to legal complications. The department is currently served by at least 60 lawyers.However; the employees are issued the stay orders as the cases are not followed properly.Taking action over this practice, PIA administration has settled on activating the legal assistance department TO decide over the cases swiftly and impede the stay order procedure.

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