‘Child maid received multiple burns’

ISLAMABAD: A medical board from the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) has found that Tayyaba, a 10 year old domestic employee who was allegedly tortured in the home of a serving judge, had 14 burn injuries, three marks of trauma and one sign of infection on her body.

‘Child maid received multiple burns’

‘Child maid received multiple burns’

The report, available with Dawn, says Tayyaba suffered wounds or bore marks of wounds on her face, neck, arms, legs and feet.

Child specialist Dr Maqbool Hussain said in his comments that the victim gave her name, recognised her parents and knew the time, place and people around her. He said Tayyaba was fit as far as her higher mental functions were concerned.

Prof Rizwan Tahir, a psychiatrist, said the victim was anxious and scared, but there was no evidence of any psychiatric disorder.

The board concluded that the wounds on her rear and her left arm were from contact burns. The latter was healing, while the former wound has nearly completely healed. The report also noted multiple healed scars on the victim’s body.

Tayyaba was allegedly abused in the home of an additional district and sessions judge. A police report initially stated that she fell from the stairs and was burned accidentally.

The chief justice of the Islamabad High Court and the chief justice of Pakistan took notice of the case. On Jan 6, the child disappeared when she was supposed to be brought to a medical board for an examination, and was recovered on Jan 8.

On Jan 9, the police brought her to the hospital where a medical board examined her.

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