India has built ‘covert nuclear city’: foreign ministry

ISLAMABAD (Yes News) – Spokesperson for the Foreign Office has said on Thursday that India has erected a ‘covert nuclear city’ and have conducted inter-continental tests of missiles.

India has built 'covert nuclear city': foreign ministryIndia has built 'covert nuclear city': foreign ministry

India has built ‘covert nuclear city’: foreign ministry

Nafees Zakaria, spokesperson for the office revealed in a weekly press briefing in the federal capital today.

 The department has revealed that a huge cache of atomic weapons has been stored in a ‘covert nuclear city’ in South India and inter-continental missiles are being manufactured. The office asserted that India is in possession of substantial amount of nuclear material.

Zakaria voiced Pakistan’s reservations by saying that Indian aggression will disturb regional balance. The Foreign Office stated that India has been making efforts to isolate Pakistan in the world but has become victim to its ill-tactics.

While talking about United States visa ban matter, Zakaria said that Donald J. Trump has assured that Pakistan is not among the countries that are faced with travel ban.

The statement has come in after a couple of days when India was reported to have signed ‘emergency’ arms deals mainly with France, Russia and Israel worth at least INR 200 billion in last four months.

Times of India reported that in the past two to three months, Indian army and air force have signed over 53 contracts mainly with France, Israel and Russia for preparedness of the army to last for at least ten days in ‘intense fighting’.

Indian air force has concluded 43 contracts worth Indian Rs 92 billion for jets including Mirage-2000s, MiG-29s and Sukoi-30MKIs, mid-air refuellers and Phalcon AWACS among others.

Meanwhile, Indian Finance Ministry announced ten percent increase in fiscal budget for defence, Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley said that the budget was increased to Indian Rs 2.74 trillion compared to that reserved for the forces in 2016-17, Indian Rs 2.49 trillion.

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