Kohala’s Bridge: For people in AJK crossing a bridge was never this risky

Azad Kashmir, gifted with rivers flowing through it, has some of the oldest bridges connecting residents in part of the region to another. However, lack of care of these old and now damaged bridges has Kohala's Bridge: For people in AJK crossing a bridge was never this riskybecome a liability putting several lives at risk.

Kohala Bridge that connects Azad Kashmir to rest of the country is situated across river Jhelum. Built in 1993, this 25-year-old bridge is severely damaged at different places making it prone to collapsing at any time.

According to the pedestrians crossing the bridge, sever damage caused to it has become the reason of many fatal deaths over the years.

With damaged cable suspensions, and missing patches on the bridge it has become quite a challenge for people crossing it, making it no less than fighting death itself.

Despite constant complaints and protests, no serious action has been taken to repair the bridge.

Residents of the locality say that along with Kohala Bridge there are various other important bridges that are no longer safe.

In Azad Kashmir, residents use suspension bridges and other cable transport as the only mode of communication to various cities.

However, a lack of proper infrastructure and neglect in repairing these bridges and cable transports could cost many lives.

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