Pakistan returns Indian soldier as goodwill gesture

LAHORE: Indian soldier Chandu Babulal Chohan has been returned to his home country via the Wagah Border. The Indian soldier was handed over BSF officials at the border along with his official gun and a box of sweets. 

Pakistan returns Indian soldier as goodwill gesture

Pakistan returns Indian soldier as goodwill gesture

Earlier, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) in a statement said the Indian soldier who had willfully crossed the Line of Control on 29 September, 2016 and surrendered himself to Pakistan Army has been convinced to return to his own country. He had crossed the border after getting into a fight with his seniors.

According to the ISPR, the Indian’s soldiers return is a gesture of goodwill and in continuation of Pakistan’s efforts to maintain peace and tranquility along the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary. The ISPR added that the soldier was handed over to Indian authorities on humanitarian grounds.

Pakistan believes in peaceful relations with its neighbours, the Foreign Office said, adding that the step was taken to promote peace at the Working Boundary and Line of Control (LoC).

The goodwill gesture comes amid mounting tensions at the LoC where unprovoked firing by the Indian Army have resulted in scores deaths including at least seven Pakistani soldiers.

“Pakistan could have chosen to keep the Indian soldier and use him as a bargaining tool. However, his return is a gesture that should be appreciated by the Indian government.

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