Due to terrorism, there is a devastating effect on the Republic of Pakistan.Ikram uddin.

Ikram uddin,  05, August 2018

The killing of “Manzar Aam”Representative Mukaram khan Atif is very sad.The leading journalist

Charsadda:(Manzar Aam Report)Ikramuddin a prominent journalist has said that death threats to journalists and their massacre has devastating impact on the Republic of Pakistan,He said that the Government should take immediate action against terrorists and other Taliban groups who are involved in killing of Journalists in kpk and Country,These Extremist Elements and Taliban terrorists have made journalists life difficult. The journalists are the great investors of the country,they keep people updated of the latest real news.Journalists write and speak the truth that’s why they get killed and threatened which is condemnable.
He said that he condemns the death threats given to Mukaram khan Atif a Senior Reporter of Manzar Aam PESHAWAR, Islamabad and Voice of America from the Pakistani Taliban, Ikramuddin added that Mukaram Khan Atif was the most Senior Journalist of daily “Manzar Aam” in KPK.
May Allah Almighty rest Mukaram khan Atif soul in peace and grant patience to the family,And May Allah Almighty bless all the journalists in the Country.Ameen

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